Outcomes from “Supporting innovations in road transport” online workshop

The workshop, co-organised with the European Commission and CCAM partnership, gave an overview of funding instruments available at EU level, which can support different stakeholders (from large companies to start-ups) in crossing the last steps before market uptake.


Supporting innovations in road transport: Horizon Europe and its synergies with other #EU programmes


Our chairman, Armin Gräter, underlined that, “In 3rd phase of CCAM Partnership – FOTs in Living Labs will lead to user acceptance and business cases, but after innovation is demonstrated, there is still a need for implementation”.

To support the uptake of CCAM, among the many funding opportunities presented during the workshop,

  • One of the opportunities for CCAM innovation uptake funding can be Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) ITS call, where the aim is to reach similar services along the whole TEN-T network.
  • The European Investment Bank (EIB) can support the CCAM innovation uptake with:
    • intelligent transport systems,
    • safe system approach,
    • the resilience of transport infrastructure among the target sectors.
  • Another opportunity for CCAM innovation uptake funding can be the Digital Europe programme where the digital capacity is built and deployed – this is related, among others, to AI, cybersecurity, and the common European mobility data space.
  • Another way to support the CCAM innovation uptake: Start-ups and SMEs can benefit from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator to scale up high-impact innovations with the potential to create new markets! 

As a pre-requisite to the deployment and scaling up of innovative road transport solutions, the proper framework conditions should be in place. The scope of co-programmed partnerships is limited, and a lot needs to be in place to ensure the uptake of innovations. In the field of CCAM, it is important to proceed at the same time with:  

  • Research,  
  • Standards, and
  • Regulations.

In general, SYNERGIES BY DESIGN are needed to move from research results to deployment

You can now access workshop presentations:

and watch the replay.