AUGMENTED CCAM’s digital infrastructure tools now available for CCAM community

We are pleased to announce that one of our CCAM projects has developed a suite of innovative digital tools that are now available for use by other projects and stakeholders within the CCAM community. These tools are designed to enhance road infrastructure planning and assessment, providing invaluable support to mobility researchers and to road operators, potential investors, OEMs.

  • The Plan your Infrastructure for CCAM tool enables users to input their specific criteria and receive prioritized PDI investment recommendations for CCAM. It streamlines the planning process, ensuring investments are strategically aligned with the unique needs of each user.
  • We also invite all interested parties to actively contribute to the ACCAM PDI support classification schema using the Improve the ACCAM PDI Support Schema Tool. This tool facilitates the proposal of additions and alterations, promoting continuous improvement and ensuring the schema remains relevant and effective.
  • The ACCAM Infrastructure Readiness Assessment Tool provides a comprehensive assessment of current infrastructure, establishing a clear baseline for future improvements. It supports informed decision-making and strategic planning.

These innovative tools transform the PDI support classification schema into a dynamic, evolving resource, ensuring users always have access to the most up-to-date authorized version.

We encourage you to explore and utilize these tools, contributing to the advancement of digital infrastructure. Your input and participation are crucial to the continuous improvement and sustainability of these resources.

Experience AUGMENTED CCAM Tools

For further assistance or to arrange a detailed presentation of these tools, please contact:

  • Isabela Erdelean:
  • Andrea Schaub: