Latest projects

The full list of collaborative research projects launched within the Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (2021-2027 Horizon Europe) is available on this page. Browse the Projects Database by selecting one or several search criteria.

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Project name Type Cluster Countries of demo End date
FRODDOIAIntegrating vehicle in the transport system31/05/2027
AutoTRUSTRIAVehicle technologies30/04/2027
Diversify – CCAMRIASocietal aspects and user needs31/05/2027
CCAM-ERASRIASocietal aspects and user needs31/07/2026
OptiPExRIAVehicle technologies31/10/2027
CulturalRoadRIASocietal aspects and user needs30/04/2027
MOBILITIES FOR EUIALarge-scale demonstrationsBosnia And Herzegovina, Finland, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Spain31/12/2028
metaCCAZEIALarge-scale demonstrationsCyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland31/12/2027
AI4CCAMRIAKey enabling technologiesFrance31/12/2025
AIthenaRIAKey enabling technologiesGermany, Spain31/10/2025
IN2CCAMIAIntegrating vehicle in the transport systemFinland, Greece, Italy, Portugal31/10/2025
CONDUCTORIAIntegrating vehicle in the transport systemGreece, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain31/10/2025
AWARE2ALLRIAVehicle technologies31/10/2025
ULTIMOIALarge-scale demonstrationsGermany, Norway, Switzerland30/09/2026
MODIIALarge-scale demonstrationsGermany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden31/03/2026
SINFONICARIASocietal aspects and user needs31/08/2025
Move2CCAMRIASocietal aspects and user needsCyprus, Netherlands, Poland28/02/2025
CONNECTRIAKey enabling technologies31/08/2025
SELFYRIAKey enabling technologies31/05/2025
PoDIUMIAIntegrating vehicle in the transport systemFrance, Germany, Italy, Spain30/09/2025
EVENTSIAVehicle technologies31/08/2025
ROADVIEWIAVehicle technologiesFinland, Germany, Turkey31/08/2026
AUGMENTED CCAMIAIntegrating vehicle in the transport systemFrance, Latvia, Spain31/12/2025