CCAM Partnership

Art. 10 of Horizon Europe framework defines the relations between the European Commission and the private side of the stakeholders regrouped through the CCAM Association to bring the co-programmed CCAM Partnership to reality.

The Partnership Board will gather the representatives of both sides of the CCAM Partnership. It will be the place where both parties will exchange on the recommendations and priorities to be included in the Work Programme dedicated to the Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility technologies.

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The CCAM Association

As defined in its statutes, the structure of the Association shall be as follows:

The General Assembly, which shall consist of all Members of the CCAM Association, is at the heart of the Association, approving the general policy of the Association on the basis of proposals brought by the Executive Group and giving recommendations to the Executive Group for the implementation of this policy. It appoints the members for each defined governing body.

Statutes of the CCAM

The Administration Board members

The Administration Board, appointed by the General Assembly, has all powers necessary to manage the Association and to perform all administrative, operational and legal actions necessary for achieving the objectives of the Association.

Armin Graeter

Chair, BMW

Hamid Zarghampour

Vice-Chair, Trafikverket

Christian Scharnhorst

Vice-Chair, Bosch

The Executive Group

Composed of maximum of 17 members, the Executive Group is responsible to develop the activities performed by the Association to achieve its objectives, in particular by developing content over the 7 thematic clusters that structure the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the CCAM Partnership.

Cluster 1
Large-scale Demonstrations

Mats Rosenquist, Volvo Group

Guido Di Pasquale, PAVE Europe

Cluster 2

David Storer, CLEPA

Gereon Meyer, EPoSS

Cluster 3

Peter Urban, RWTH Aachen

Bastiaan Krosse, TNO

Cluster 4
Integrating CCAM into the Transport System

Paraskevi Michalaki, National Highways UK

Cluster 5
Key Enabling Technologies

Margriet Van Schijndel, TUe Eindhoven

Oihana Otaegui, Vicomtech

Cluster 6
Societal Aspects and People Needs

Ingrid Skogsmo, VTI

Dimitris Milakis, DLR

Cluster 7

Stephane Dreher, ERTICO

Anna Larsson, RISE

The Delegation

The Partnership Delegation has the role to represent the CCAM Association within the Governing Board of the European Partnership on CCAM, a body meant to gather representatives of CCAM stakeholders with the European Commission services, governed by the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the CCAM Association and the European Commission. A specific mission of the Partnership Delegation is to provide expertise, develop and discuss recommendations of R&I topics to feed the Work Programmes drafted by the European Commission services.

A maximum of 25 members will compose the delegation. It includes the 3 Board members and the 7 Cluster Leaders.The 14 other members are the Delegates representing the member categories.

Automotive manufacturers

Laurette Guyonvarch, Renault Group

Automotive supply chain

Thorsten Burger, Continental

Physical and digital infrastructure

Tom Alkim, MAPtm


Vincenzo Punzo, Unina

Research institutes, R&D providers

Wolfgang Ponweiser, AIT

Public transport operators


Mobility providers for the transport of passengers


Freight and logistics services and users


Other services: insurance, maintenance, repair, etc

Adrià Ferrer, IDIADA

National Ministry

Aymeric Audigé, French Ministry of Transport

National transport authority, road authority, road operator

Máté Verdes, Hungarian Public Roads

Local and regional authorities and transport authorities

Françoise Guaspare, Ile-de-France Mobilités

Platform or cluster at national or regional level

Mathieu Saraiva, French Automotive & Mobility Network

Civil society representation

Laurianne Krid, FIA

The Partnership Delegation represents the interests of all the Members of the Association and of the Association as a whole at the CCAM Partnership Board. The Partnership Delegation will be chaired by the Chair of the Association, supported by the members of the Executive Group and will report on its activities to the Assembly General.

The secretariat

The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Association.

Marzena Jougounoux

Head of office

Benedetta Trignani

Monitoring and Reporting Officer

Bianca Cerrato

Communication manager

The organigramme

The Association shall be governed by the General Assembly, the Administration Board, and the Executive Group.
The Partnership Delegation shall act as the interface of the Association towards the European Commission.
The Administration Board will be in charge of the legal obligations of the Association, assisted by the Secretariat.
The States Representatives Group will advise and actively support the achievement of objectives of the Co-Programmed European Partnership at national and European levels.