CCAM Association

Established in 2021, the international not-for-profit organisation CCAM Association represents the private side of the CCAM Partnership, regrouping 230 innovation stakeholders involved in the connected, cooperative and automated mobility field.

What do we do ?

By bringing all the relevant stakeholders from divers sectors such as industry, research, services, public and local authorities, associations, SMEs, the CCAM Association aims to accelerate the development of new technologies and their deployment in real life with all that implicate :

  • Road safety and efficiency
  • Inclusiviness for everyone
  • Impacting benefitially the environment and andswering the Climate Change challenges we are facing
  • Make Europe the center of CCAM technologies

CCAM Statutes

The CCAM Association’s activities support the European Commission services by :

Contributing to the design of the topics of the CCAM calls for projects to be published under Horizon Europe.

Following up the Partnership projects results and participating to the update of the CCAM Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

Contributing to the European standardisation and regulation development.

Organising networking for stakeholders highly involved in collaborative research for CCAM at international level.

Getting informed and supporting joint actions with other European Partnerships and linking with national activities.