CCAM States Representatives Group

At its first meeting on 7 July 2021, the CCAM Partnership Board agreed to set up the CCAM States Representatives Group (SRG).

According to chapter 3 of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Co-programmed European Partnership for Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) the role of the SRG is described as follows: “The States Representatives Group should advise and actively support the achievement of objectives of the Co-Programmed European Partnership and ensure complementarity with national policies, priorities and programmes. They may review information and provide opinions on the progress of the Co-programmed European Partnership towards its scientific, economic and/or societal impacts.


The States Representatives Group may provide information to, and act as an interface with the Co-programmed European Partnership on the following matters:

a) The status of activities performed under national or regional policies, priorities and research and innovation programmes which are relevant to the Co-programmed European Partnership and identification of potential areas of cooperation, including concrete actions taken or envisaged for the deployment of relevant technologies and innovative solutions at the national or regional level;

b) Specific measures taken at national level or regional level to maximise the impacts of the results achieved, in particular dissemination events, dedicated technical workshops and communication activities;

c) Specific measures taken at national or regional level to support the exploitation, deployment and/or scale-up of the results achieved within the Co-programmed European Partnership;

d) Content and dissemination of training programmes for CCAM workforce, curricula and modules for undergraduate level and lifelong learning programmes.

Composition and meeting frequency


In order to create the CCAM States Representatives Group, the CCAM Partnership Board has asked the EU Member States and the Horizon Europe Associated Countries to nominate their members of the SRG.
Since the first CCAM SRG meeting on 25 November 2021, the CCAM SRG list of contacts is stored and managed by the CCAM Association Secretariat. The list of nominated members – maximum 2 per country (country, name, and organisation, no email address) is published on the CCAM Partnership website and should be kept updated by the Member States and Associated Countries.

The members should have a good general knowledge related to national policies and R&I programmes in the area of CCAM. The members could also be delegated for each meeting separately, based on their competencies, depending on the agenda of the upcoming meeting.

Meetings and transparency

The CCAM SRG meets regularly, at a minimum twice a year, via videoconference or face to face meetings as decided at a previous meeting. Summaries of the CCAM SRG meetings will be made available by the CCAM Association Secretariat to all CCAM SRG contacts and the CCAM Association members. Officially, the CCAM Partnership Board convenes the meetings of the States Representatives Group.

Roles and responsibilities

CCAM SRG Members

All nominated members of the CCAM SRG commit to preparing for, actively participating, and contributing during meetings. In addition, the CCAM SRG members endeavour to provide the perspectives of their country as and when appropriate.

The CCAM SRG members could also encourage other national stakeholders to get involved in the CCAM Partnership through its Association.

Representative of the CCAM SRG to the CCAM Partnership Board

The first representative of the CCAM SRG: Tereza Čížková from the Czech Republic was elected by the CCAM SRG members at the meeting on 29 November 2022 for a period of two years.

Such representative shall act as the interface of the CCAM SRG towards the CCAM Partnership Board. The representative of the SRG may participate in the CCAM Partnership Board meetings as an observer and shall chair the CCAM SRG meetings.

CCAM SRG meeting host

At every meeting of the SRG or afterwards, a member of the SRG should volunteer to host the next meeting. The meeting host shall propose the draft meeting agenda, timing, and venue, in cooperation with the representative of the SRG and the CCAM Partnership Board. The CCAM Association Secretariat sends the invitation for the SRG meetings.

Secretariat role

The CCAM Association’s Secretariat supports the work of the CCAM SRG in the following ways:

a. Manage the CCAM SRG contact list;
b. Prepare draft CCAM SRG meetings’ summaries;
c. Support the CCAM SRG meeting host in preparation of the next meeting.