Big data tool for the European public administrations

The European Commission (under the Digital Europe Programme) offers the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI), a ready-to-use, free-of-charge analytics cloud stack, to all European public administrations (local, regional, and national) to experiment with open-source tools. If you’re curious about what BDTI can do, you can watch this introductory video. You can find more information about this use case here.

BDTI has been and is used by public administration to analyse data for public transportation and traffic, you can find more details here and a fictional scenario has been built to demonstrate how traffic data can be leveraged to optimize public lighting and consequently, reduce government spending.

Take a look at the website and subscribe to the Joinup page (a community hub for public administrations, businesses, and citizens to share and reuse IT solutions, communicate, and collaborate on IT projects across Europe) and the newsletter to stay informed about BDTI activities.

A new online course has recently been launched to help public sector actors advance their data literacy journey and understand how BDTI can help shortcut their data maturity efforts.