CCAM Association call for tender to monitor quality and impact of funded projects

CCAM Call for tender 2024

The CCAM Association is announcing a call for tender starting on 28 March.

The purpose of this tender is to purchase services to evaluate the level of achievement of the CCAM Partnership’s operational, specific and general objectives, and to ensure that the means to reach those objectives are consistent. The monitoring will help CCAM funded projects to review and improve their quality critically and thus maximise their potential impacts through better collaboration, cross-fertilisation, and valorisation of their results. All this having in mind the projects as building blocks and the bigger picture of the CCAM Partnership as a whole.

The tender is aimed at consultants who demonstrate relevant experience in managing the quality of European projects, evaluating R&I funding programmes, developing strategies for road transport research, and analysing the benefits and impacts of public and private R&D funding.

Interested consultants are invited to apply as per the procedure and specifications outlined in the call for tender file.

The deadline to submit your proposal is 25 April 2024.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the CCAM Secretariat.