CCAM kicked-off its 1st Delegation Meeting

The CCAM Partnership Secretariat organised the 1st Delegation Meeting on 7 October in Brussels.




25 members, representing the clusters and the member categories, participated in the meeting to kick-start the working collaboration inside the Partnership.

  • Administration Board Member, Chair: Armin Graeter
  • Administration Board Member, Vice-Chair: Eckard Steiger
  • Administration Board Member, Vice-Chair: Serge van Dam
  • Cluster 1 Large-scale Demonstrations Leader: Mats Rosenquist
  • Cluster 1 Large-scale Demonstrations Co-Leader: Henriette Cornet
  • Cluster 2 Vehicle Technologies Leader: David Storer
  • Cluster 2 Vehicle Technologies Co-Leader: Gereon Meyer
  • Cluster 3 Validation Leader: Peter Urban
  • Cluster 3 Validation Co-Leader: Bastiaan Krosse
  • Cluster 4 Integrating the Vehicle in the Transport System Leader: Torsten Geissler
  • Cluster 4 Integrating the Vehicle in the Transport System Co-Leader: Johanna Tzanidaki
  • Cluster 5 Key Enabling Technologies Leader: Margriet Van Schijndel
  • Cluster 5 Key Enabling Technologies Co-Leader: Oihana Otaegui
  • Cluster 6 Societal Aspects and User Needs Leader: Ingrid Skogsmo
  • Cluster 6 Societal Aspects and User Needs Co-Leader: Suzanne Hoadley
  • Cluster 7 Coordination Leader: Stephane Dreher
  • Delegate Automotive manufacturers: Christian Rousseau
  • Delegate Automotive supply chain: Thorsten Burger
  • Delegate Physical and digital infrastructure: Jan Ellsberger
  • Delegate Universities: Vincenzo Punzo
  • Delegate Research institutes, R&D providers: Wolfgang Ponweiser
  • Delegate Other services: insurance, maintenance, repair, etc.: Álvaro Arrúe
  • Delegate National transport authority, road authority, road operator: Máté Verdes
  • Delegate Local and regional authorities and transport authorities: Françoise Guaspare

The meeting was divided into 2 workshops:

  • Fine-tuning the SRIA’s KPIs
  • Drafting the orientation of the Work Programme 2023 – 2024 through ideation and group work.

Representatives of the European Commission came to comment on the ideas for the Work Programme 2023 – 2024. Based on that feedback, the Executive Group shortened the list of the CCAM topics and fine-tuned them before submitting the headlines and short descriptions to the EC colleagues on 22 October.