EUSPA project ERASMO showcased the AD On-Board Unit with highly advanced positioning

On 26 June in Compiègne, France ERASMO project demonstrated the innovative on-board unit (OBU) it has been developing since the summer of 2021. The demonstration marked both the culmination of the ERASMO project, a collaborative consortium funded by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), and the achievement of ERASMO’s aim: to contribute to building technologies in Europe powered by European research and innovation that enable autonomous driving.

Key features of the ERASMO OBU include:

  • Highly advanced positioning thanks to the high-end GNSS receiver (multi-constellation, multi-frequency) that leverages the advanced correction service of EU’s satellite system Galileo.
  • Highly advanced safety performance through an integrity layer, which uses protection levels (PLs) and integrity risks (IRs) to measure: the probability and the confidence of the vehicle’s position, when the estimated location is safe, and to what extent to trust the information provided by the positioning system.

ERASMO brings to life a multi-sensor solution capable of achieving both high accuracy and safe navigation for automated driving. The ERASMO OBU integrates multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS signals and combines information from the vehicle sensors and internal and external sensors thanks to proprietary positioning algorithms. The result is a hybrid solution with integrity estimations that aim to maintain 10 cm localisation accuracy regardless of the external environment. Learn more on the ERASMO website.

Marzena Jougounoux represented the CCAM Association at ERASMO’s final event, making the link with EUSPA, introducing the CCAM Partnership and its use-case-based approach to the large-scale demonstrations in Horizon Europe, as well as the currently open calls for CCAM projects.