ENSEMBLE Project Event: Online Presentation and Q&A Session this November!


The European project ENSEMBLE -testing multi-brand, ad-hoc and cross-border platooning in Europe, is organising its online event where the Public Demo will be summarized, including interactive Q&A on 25 November 2021.

In September, a platoon consisting of seven trucks, one from each leading European manufacturer has driven 3 hours on public roads in real traffic around the logistic hub of Barcelona. During this event, participants experienced a live platooning demonstration and presentations about the project as a whole. This online event is a follow-up to the public demonstration where participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the results of the multi-brand platooning while interacting with project and platooning experts.

All the presentations can be found here. Videos from the testing and the Public Demonstration event are available here.


  • 11:00 Start and welcome
  • 11:05 Presentation of the Public Demo results and movies by Marika Hoedemaeker (ENSEMBLE coordinator)
  • 11:45 Questions and discussion with the audience
  • 12:30 Closure

Mark the date in your agenda and register here for the event on 25 November at 11:00.