Move2CCAM online workshop: Co-creating CCAM prototype business models

Move2CCAM, one of the CCAM Partnership’s projects, is an EU-funded research project aiming to produce an Impact Assessment Tool that can quantify the societal impacts of CCAM. To model this tool, they are building a scientific base from co-creation activities with organisations and citizens across 8 countries. Are you based in one of our consortium countries (Netherlands, Poland, Greece, UK, Germany, France, Spain, or Cyprus)? If so, you are invited to join next Move2CCAM´s online workshopCo-creating CCAM prototype business models on Wednesday 7 June at 10:00!

In this workshop, you will be defining the value proposition and business model from a number of CCAM Use Cases previously co-created by over 300 citizens across 8 countries. The outcome of the workshop will allow the tool to assess the business viability and sustainability of future CCAM solutions.

Move2CCAM is expecting to bring together representatives from a wide diversity of organisations, such as CCAM deployers and manufacturers, research and academia, health experts, infrastructure operators, and public authorities. As a member of the CCAM Partnership, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to connect with some of the most innovative and disruptive organisations in your area and contribute to meeting societal needs in CCAM.

Please RSVP at the following link to reserve a spot and check out the dates. They will be sharing with you the agenda closer to the date of the workshop.