New Road Transport Vision 2050 adopted by ERTRAC

The new Road Transport Vision 2050 was adopted by the ERTRAC Plenary on 24 June 2024. The Vision, updated thanks to the STREnGth_M project, aims to address challenges such as climate change, pollution, demographic change, limited resources and global competition. The Vision is a key preparation by ERTRAC for the upcoming EU Research Framework Programme FP10, the planned successor of the Horizon Europe research programme.

The document includes five sub-visions addressing important societal objectives such as environmental sustainability, efficiency, and resilience. The sub-visions in full are:

  • “All people and goods can reach their destinations in a way that is healthy, safe, affordable, reliable and comfortable all across Europe”
  • “Climate-neutral, zero pollution road transport satisfying circular economy and resource efficiency needs”
  • “Infrastructure and traffic management provide highly efficient road network services at competitive cost with minimized congestion, regardless of actual conditions and disturbances”
  • “Safe and secure mobility for all road users at any time”
  • “Europe’s road transport research and industry as the world leader in innovation, services and production”

The document also outlines the technological, regulatory, and organizational enablers which need to be in place by 2050 to realise the vision. These include effective cooperation of all stakeholders towards the common vision.

Check out the document here to learn more about the ERTRAC Road Transport Vision 2050.