The CCAM Association members enjoyed on 17 January a hybrid event with the update on CCAM-related EU Regulations, with Maria Cristina Galassi from the European Commission, DG GROW.

She offered an excellent presentation titled: PAVING THE WAY TO DRIVING AUTOMATION IN EU. It highlighted the progressive regulatory approach adopted by the Commission for driving automation.

The presentation gave a glimpse into how the new Vehicle General Safety Regulation EU 2019/2144, adopted in July 2022, will be progressively introduced between July 2024 and July 2029.

The new EU-type approval framework for levels 3 and 4 of connected and automated vehicles was also discussed with :

  • UN Regulation 157, covering the type approval of automated lane-keeping systems (ALKS) for motorway low-speed applications. The regulation is to be also amended to include lane change and high speed;
  • Regulation EU 2022/1426 on the type-approval of motor vehicles equipped with Automated Driving System (ADS), covering level 4 driverless vehicles. Here the focus was on all the necessary information and documentation that the manufacturers will need to submit to the type approval authorities, and on the planned in-service reporting.

Additionally, Ms. Galassi provided a short overview of the Commission’s work to support the development of legislation for assisted driving (level 2) at the UNECE level (Amendment of UN Regulation 79 and drafting of the new Driver Control Assistance Systems – DCAS Regulation). More to come soon.

Development for a better legal framework for pre-deployment tests and the CCAM Large-Scale Demonstrations is still needed across countries at European and international levels to cover the critical issue on IOT cars with drivers’ safety.

Thank you to all 110 participants who joined (40 on-site and 70 remotely) and have made this webinar a success!