Save the date for SHOW Final Event

After nearly five years, the SHOW project is coming to a close. This immense undertaking has involved over 60 partners across 13 countries and 22 pilot sites.

Through real-world operations, SHOW has generated a wealth of knowledge by directly addressing the mobility needs of passengers and logistics clients. Project’s pilots have driven hundreds of thousands of kilometres, and we have completed numerous passenger rides safely, providing valuable data on everything from vehicle performance to user experience.

The project has also produced crucial insights for the industry, including public transport operators, equipment manufacturers, and city and local authorities. This knowledge covers how to successfully deploy CCAM services, the remaining barriers to overcome, and recommendations for the future.

The upcoming SHOW Final Event will take stock of all project achievements, with a look forward to how that knowledge can be applied and replicated by cities, PTOs and industry now and in the future to ensure CCAM services can fulfill their potential and help deliver sustainable, inclusive and efficient mobility for tomorrow.

Save the date: Thursday, 26 September, in Tampere, Finland.
More details about the full programme will be soon disclosed on the SHOW website.