2nd Public Stakeholder Forum on EU mobility data space: 27/06

Join the second PrepDSpace4Mobility Public Stakeholder Forum on 27 June 2023 16:00 – 17:30 online to get a first look at the preliminary results of data gaps and overlaps and building blocks for a common European mobility data space.

Click here to learn more and register.

  • Transport authorities and agencies
  • Transport and mobility technology providers and users
  • Data logistics service providers
  • Urban mobility planners
  • Data enthusiasts

are all encouraged to participate in the Public Stakeholder Forum. Join the meeting to get an understanding of the building blocks needed for a common European mobility data space. Registrations close on Monday 26 June 12:00 CET. The link to the online event will be sent out the same day.

About PrepDSpace4Mobility

PrepDSpace4Mobility is an EU-funded project that contributes to the development of a common European mobility data space by mapping existing data ecosystems, identifying gaps and overlaps within, and proposing common building blocks and governance frameworks found in existing data space architectures.