ULTIMO launches new webinar series targeting public transport authorities and operators

Why do cities decide to choose for Automated Vehicles (AVs) to optimise their mobility system? What are the exact steps to take for operators, authorities and cities that want to deploy AVs? And what about the financing, technical and regulatory challenges?

In the new webinar series “The ULTIMO Frontier: Let’s Talk Automated Mobility”, the ULTIMO project will invite leading mobility players to dive into the world of AV deployment, taking a journey that starts at a vision and ends up with AVs actually roaming our streets.

We’ll hear case studies and experiences from operators, authorities and industry across the world, who will be happy to answer any questions you might have on automation in public transport. 

Starting with a vision

In the first session “How Cities are Envisioning Automation in Public Transport”, held on 9 July 2024 from 16:00-17:15, you will hear from forward-thinking public transport authorities and operators about their decision to embrace automated mobility and integrate it into public transport systems. They will share their long-term visions and insights into how automated vehicles (AVs) will transform urban mobility, as well as the plans being implemented in their cities to revolutionise urban transport.

Don’t miss the first step of this journey! More information and the link for registration are available here.