Welcome to our latest new CCAM members

To end the year 2023, CCAM is delighted to welcome 16 new members to the association, bringing the total of CCAM members to 219.

New CCAM Members December 2023

Their nomination was approved at our last General Assembly of the year on 13 December.

The General Assembly also elected our new Vice-Chairman, Hamid Zarghampour, to replace Serge van Dam on the Administration Board of the CCAM Association.

Hamid Zarghampour is a seasoned professional with an illustrious career spanning nearly three decades. Currently serving as Chief Strategist at the Swedish Transport Administration’s Department of Strategic Development, he plays a pivotal role in the field of Connected, Cooperative, Automated Mobility (CCAM). In this capacity, Hamid spearheads the cooperation and coordination of national and international CCAM projects, dedicated to enhanced transportation efficiency and advancing towards safer and greener road transports. His leadership underscores a commitment to shaping the future of sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. Widely recognised for his qualifications and esteemed standing in international cooperation platforms such as CEDR, CCAM, ERTRAC, PIARC and national forums, including Drive Sweden and FFI (Vehicle strategic research and innovation), Hamid Zarghampour stands at the forefront of strategic research and innovation in connected, cooperative, and automated transportation. His pivotal role in shaping Sweden’s CAD strategies not only underscores his commitment to advancing the global landscape of sustainable and efficient road transportation but also positions him as a driving force in international forums dedicated to the future of mobility.

We want to give our warm thank you to Serge for all the work provided over the last 2,5 years to set up the Partnership and bring it to the success we know today.

Serge van Dam

It was also the elections of new leaders and co-leaders of our clusters:

  • Guido Di Pasquale (Pave Europe) – Co-leader for Cluster 1 Large Scale Demonstrations
  • Paraskevi Michalaki (National Highways UK) – Leader for Cluster 4 Integrating CCAM into the transport system
  • Dimitris Milakis (DLR) – Co-leader for Cluster 6 Societal aspects and people needs
  • Anna Larsson (RISE) – Co-leader for Cluster 7 Coordination


New CCAM Cluster representatives

Here again, we would like to extend our thanks to the support and contribution provided by Henriette Cornet (UITP – Cluster 1), Torsten Geissler (Germany BASt – Cluster 4), Suzanne Hoadley (POLIS – Custer 6) and Eva Boëthius (Trafikverket – Cluster 7) to the CCAM SRIA, Work Programmes, and to make our Multicluster meetings sessions so lively and interactive.

Last but not least, we would also like to welcome our new Partnership Board delegate from the Physical and Digital Infrastructure member category. Finally, the position is filled by Tom Alkim (MAPtm), bringing his extensive experience in the field.

TOM ALKIM portrait