BERTHA joining the family of CCAM Partnership’s projects!

The family of CCAM Partnership’s projects, resulting from the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-22, has just been enlarged by the newly started project BERTHA (BEhavioural ReplicaTion of Human drivers for CCAM). BERTHA is related to the CCAM Cluster 3 Validation and will concentrate its research on developing a scalable and probabilistic DBM (Driver Behaviour Model based primarily on Bayesian Belief Network). The DBM will be implemented on an open-source HUB (repository) to validate the technological and practical feasibility of the solution with the industry and become a unique approach for the model’s worldwide scalability. The resulting DBM will be translated into a simulating platform, CARLA, using diverse demos, allowing the building of new driving models on the platform.

On this occasion, we would like to encourage you to learn more about all running CCAM Partnership’s projects: and to get to know the results of the first batch of projects at the upcoming Conference on the Results from the Road Transport Research (RTR Conference), taking place in Brussels from 5-7 February 2024 – registration is now open!