Consultation on the Vision of the Digital Road Manager

The Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) invites submissions from interested stakeholders to contribute to shaping the vision of the Digital Road Manager. The Digital Road Manager is currently a concept rather than a vision or even strategy. It is formulated along the view that the Road Authority members of CEDR recognise that greater digitilisation represented a fundamental shift in how we manage roads.

Already in 2018, it was agreed that CEDR is of the opinion that digitalisation will influence all aspects of transport. This includes the aspects of traffic operations such as connected vehicles, integrated network management (including intermodality) as well as the planning and management of infrastructure with tools such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the Internet of Things. Perhaps more importantly it will influence the relation between transport providers and users. Social media and the transparency of data are increasingly involved in both long-term planning and day-to-day management. The role of digitisation in the financing of our transport systems is another area of great interest. The
internet has revolutionised commerce, but we are still at the beginning of the journey in terms of transport.

The three main themes for digital road management embrace:

  • Digitalisation for infrastructure management – including planning, construction, maintenance and project management
  • Digitalisation for traffic management – CCAM for road safety, decarbonisation and efficiency
  • Digitalisation for road network governance – customer and stakeholder understanding and engagement (elements from my session in the GB).

Submissions may include written positions, insights from existing strategies, and findings from relevant studies or pilots. Deadline: 27 August.

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