White paper: From 5G to 6G Vision – A CAM perspective

For your information, the 5G for CAM Working Group of the 6G-IA published the White Paper From 5G to 6G Vision – A Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) perspective.

5G is now entering the massive-deployment phase. However, many challenges are to be solved, but it can already anticipate that, even though 5G is going to create a revolution in many sectors, bringing a huge positive impact on our economy and society, it will also find its limitations to provide the highly demanding requirements that some advanced services will call for. For that reason, the research community is already starting to think of what will come next: 6G.

As the 5G for CAM Working Group of the 6G Industry Association, they want to contribute to this ongoing global brainstorming by providing their initial views on what 6G might look like and what implications this will have for CAM. They want to briefly reflect on the lessons learnt during the execution of the key 5G PPP projects which have been working on 5G for CAM and contribute to identifying, from the very beginning, new mobility requirements for the evolution of 5G and 6G communication systems. They also want to anticipate they view on the impending new technologies that are being considered for 6G and we believe hold the potential to have a highly positive impact on CAM.

You download the white paperĀ available on the 5G PPP website.