The 2nd CCAM Multicluster Meeting: What You Need to Know

The 2nd CCAM Multicluster meeting took place on Tuesday, 25 October, in Brussels and gathered 140 representatives of members – a 40% increase from the first meeting, indicating greater excitement and eagerness to participate in the Partnership’s work.

The previous evening, an informal and friendly dinner allowed participants to meet and converse freely.

CCAM Multicluster evening dinner 24 October 2022

To begin the meeting, representatives of the European Commission, Andrea de Candido and Geert Van Der Linden – emphasised:

  • the CCAM Partnership’s uniqueness in Europe, even a source of interest for other parts of the world.
  • Even though the projects from the first call (Work Programme 2021) have already been launched, events such as the Multicluster meeting are critical for validation of the initial plan; identify possible shortcomings to re-orient the direction of the plan, even after Horizon Europe.
  • Various difficulties were pointed out and needed to be resolved to facilitate the adoption of CCAM solutions. For instance, having enough data, which is not the case today; what will the use cases and applications be that we will see on our roads, etc.

Both Andrea de Candido and Geert Van Der Linden reiterated that the CCAM Partnership was a great opportunity to work together to achieve the defined objectives. “We do not do technology for the sake of technology. We do the technology to shape the mobility of the future”.

CCAM Multicluster Meeting EC representatives and Armin Gräter talking to the audience


Afterwards, Armin Gräter, CCAM Chairman, presented the timeline of actions to update the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda objectives (SRIA).

CCAM SRIA Update timeline presented @ the 2nd CCAM Multicluster


All the projects from Work Programme 2021, distributed between the 7 clusters, presented themselves:

These projects presented their activities and goals and addressed their objectives in accordance with the CCAM SRIA objectives.

Additionally, the SHOW project from Horizon2020 presented its relation with Cluster 1: large-scale demonstrations.


CCAM Multicluster Projects presenting their goals and links to SRIA


After that, the next few hours were spent brainstorming on ideas, innovations, and next steps that might need to be taken into consideration, if not to be included in the SRIA roadmap review, by Cluster Leaders and members.

The conclusions and next steps were presented in front of all participants during the last hour of the meeting.


CCAM Multicluster world café in action CCAM Multicluster world café in action

Thanks to everyone who came along to the second Multicluster meeting and made it a success!

The meeting provided evidence of the added value of the Partnership: connect the funded projects with the clusters’ work to support CCAM on the road towards deployment!


CCAM Multicluster conclusions