Last CCAM General Assembly of 2022

On 9 December, CCAM Association held its last General Assembly of the year online.

On this occasion, 10 new members were approved, bringing the number of CCAM members to exactly 200 in total. We look forward to our collaboration with our new members:




In replacement of Christian Rousseau, who retired this year, the General Assembly elected Laurette Guyonvarc’h (Renault Group) as the new CCAM Partnership Delegate for the member category of automotive manufacturers. A warm welcome to Laurette!


The in-kind Additional Activities plan for 2023, adopted in the morning at the CCAM Partnership Board meeting, was then presented to the members, highlighting the areas related to CCAM where the industry and other partners are planning their spending in the upcoming year.

Afterwards, a review of 2022 was shown by the Secretariat, highlighting:

  • Developments on the website
  • Twitter followers growing from 185 in 2022 to 444
  • LinkedIn followers growing from 369 in 2022 to 833
  • A dedicated closed members-only LinkedIn group serving as the announcement board
  • 2 live Multicluster meetings with more than 100 participants each
  • Work Programme 2023-24 development and members consultation
  • 3 external quarterly newsletters with 200 subscribers
  • Presence at the RTR Conference, ITS European Congress, and the TRA Conference
  • First Horizon Europe CCAM projects launched

This was followed by a summary of the CCAM States Representatives Group meeting, which took place on 29 November in Prague and where Tereza Čížková from the Czech Republic was elected for the position of the CCAM SRG Representative.

Finally, the overview of 2023 was presented with:

The next CCAM Association General Assembly will take place live in June 2023.